Revise the draft of the nationwide launching ceremony


Coverings is the largest tile stone exhibition in North America and the most prominent industry in North America. It has attracted more than 40 countries, and the number has increased so far.
The nine-mile fashion corridor, which includes the essence of every company in the new era, makes for a better life. Zammit objective is for household industry brought a new attitude, new trend, the world's best elements, concept to the product, as have a family, have a new world, to create a good living environment.


1. Design life, life design
As a leading building materials industry, zammit ceramics on the design of the vane Coverings industry exhibition invited to rigorous, the pursuit of perfection is known for its famous German designers, exhibition image renovation.
In the design, more attention to the integration of human and nature, natural elements and human nature design reflect each other, in the design of western will also reveal the dribs and drabs of Chinese style style, western-style hale lines do not break in the gentleness of the traditional Chinese style, firm with soft.


2. The ultimate continuation, the craftsman innovation
In terms of product, zammit ceramics also study a large number of outstanding products, bologna and the continuation of the previous year the physical properties of the product, visual perception, extension, application effect, technology and so on every part of the renewal and reconstruction, in the life more human, household environment to experience a more natural, make products in the industry leading place, led the industry trend, to cater to the changing consumer life taste.


3. Extreme culture, creating transcendence
In addition, the zammit Coverings America show, zammit culture idea from design to production, products to the people, there is no place all reveal the zammit continuously surpass ourselves, the builders of the spirit of the pursuit of perfection. In pursuit of the top of the trend, the design is integrated into more Chinese and western culture. The product pursues innovation, integrates more new elements, leads the new era aesthetic; In the work, people are strict in their demands of themselves, beyond themselves, in pursuit of compacting the foundation of the foundation, changing themselves, catering to the changes of The Times.


4.Better to meet you
On April 4 to April 7, zammit pavilion has brought to the other you amazing product, let you enjoy the what is the most suitable living environment, not only service provided by the professional team service for you, reading popular design concept, to solve all kinds of industries and etc. Here you can find what you want, what you're interested in. The samet Coverings American show, better looking forward to meeting you.



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