Development course


In October, Foshan Samit Ceramics Co., Ltd. was established and launched the “Samit” brand.


In September, Sumit Ceramics won the title of “Foshan Top Ten Ceramic Enterprises”.


In November, we passed ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification.


In June, the Summitt Marketing Center building with an investment of more than 50 million yuan was put into operation.


In May, the first batch of Samit ceramics passed the “National 3C certification”.

In May, Foshan Samit Ceramics Co., Ltd. was rated as “High-tech Enterprise in Guangdong Province”.

In September, Samit Ceramics won the title of “Guangdong Famous Brand Product”.


In August, we entered the bathroom industry and launched “Sumit Bathroom”.
In October, Samit Sanitary donated 206 sets of products to Nanzhuang Nursing Home.
In November, the company passed ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification.

In September, Summit (Group) invested heavily in the construction of high production base.
In September, Guangdong Samit Ceramics Co., Ltd. was established.

In April, the Samit Ya Guang Brick Cultural Center was grandly opened.

Welcome the Olympic Games and build harmony
In April, “Welcome the Olympic Games. Building harmony ”Sumit Ceramics to welcome the Olympic countdown 100 days running campaign was held in Sumit Group headquarters.
In June, Summit Success Academy was established with the mission of “helping more people succeed”.

In November, Foshan Samit Ceramics Co., Ltd. was recommended as a national cleaner production enterprise.
In November, won the “adoption of national standard product mark certificate”.
In December, Foshan Samit Ceramics Co., Ltd. was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.


In March, the Summit brand was upgraded.
In June, Summit Ceramics obtained the first batch of ceramic quality product certification.
In July, Guangdong Samit Ceramics Co., Ltd. was named “Top 100 Private Enterprises in Guangdong Province in 2008-2009”.

In March, it passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.
On October 20, the fifth anniversary of the production of Guangdong Samit new building materials production base and the inauguration ceremony of the office building was held.

In May, Sumit officially launched “Sumit Supercrystalline stone” to develop high-end products.

In April, Guangdong Samit New building Materials production base opened the longest party building culture corridor of non-public enterprises, and summarized and expounded the twenty years of scientific development and party building work experience of the new pearl in the form of pictures and pictures, offering a special gift to the beautiful Chinese dream.
In May, Baidu Data Research Center announced the 2013 latest home improvement industry report, in Baidu search wall and floor tile brand attention, Samit ceramics received 4.2% of the attention, ranking the sixth ceramic industry.

On July 25, Guangdong Samit Ceramics Co., Ltd. was listed on the list of 500 enterprises in Guangdong Province and won the title of Top 100 manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong Province, ranking 51.
In September, Summitt Ceramics won the title of “Top Ten Brands” of Chinese ceramics in 2014.


In January, Samit Ceramics Tmall flagship store was officially launched.

In January, in the sixth China Pan-home annual overall ranking, Samit Ceramics won the “Top Ten brands of Chinese ceramic tiles”;
In March, “Champs Original Stone” won the “Annual Excellent Product” of the 12th China Ceramic Industry New List;
In April, Samit Ceramics was awarded “Top Ten Brands of Ceramics”, “Top Ten Brands of Marble Tiles” and “Top Ten Brands of polished tiles” in the 2016 China Building Sanitary Ceramics Brand List.
In April, Summitt Ceramics won the “Top 100 Ceramic Brands” in the 2016 China Ceramic sanitary ware industry;

On March 16, Summitt won Longfor Properties’ “2016 Best Fellow Traveler” award.
In March, it won the “2017 Home Industry Service Model” issued by NetEase Home.
In April, Summitt was invited to participate in the Coverings Tile Exhibition in the United States.
In April, at the 6th China Building Sanitary Ceramics Brand Conference, Samit won the title of “Top Ten Ceramic Brands”.
In April, at the second China Home Building Materials Industry Summit Forum in 2017, Summit won the title of “Top 100 Ceramic Brands”.

In February, Summit was awarded the second batch of national green manufacturing demonstration factories, becoming the industry’s green wisdom benchmark.
In April, it won the title of “2017 AA Excellent Partner” of Kaisa Group.
In August, Samit won the “Red List” of Zhaoqing Government integrity.

In 2019,Summitt won the heavyweight award “Best Fellow Traveler” Award from Longfor Real Estate.
“Excellent Supplier” of Hongyang Group in 2019, “Excellent Partner” of Kaisa Group in 2019, and the Best Brand Contribution Award of 2019 issued by Guizhou Xizeng Decoration.

In May, it was awarded the title of “Industrial Strong City” advanced collective by Zhaoqing City and Municipal Government;In May, it was awarded the top ten ceramic brands in the 2020 China Building sanitary Ceramics Brand list;
In July, it won the heavyweight award of “2019 Guangdong Building Materials Green Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise”;
In July won the heavyweight award of “National Building Materials Industry Advanced Collective”;
In December, it was ranked among the top ten competitive suppliers of China real Estate building Ceramics in 2020 in the competition of China Real Estate Suppliers in 2020.