Business case
Wanke City, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China
Close seam series

Applicable style: classic, calmApplication scene: living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, study, background wall

New Pearl (Guangdong) New Materials Co., Ltd. began in 2000, in the ceramic industry trend of development and growth, is the core brand of new pearl Ceramics Group. Sumit tile focuses on the upgrading of the marketing system and the implementation of the consumption experience model, advocates the brand concept of “design + life”, and is committed to creating a ceramic tile brand with temperature and attitude.


Improve the value of human settlements with design, drive the development of the industry with innovation, and share a beautiful home with consumers from different countries and cultural backgrounds around the world.

Adhering to the concept of green environmental protection and innovative development of factory production, relying on strong production capacity, focus on the layout of Samit high Lubu new building materials production base, the introduction of 30,000 tons of Italy Sistrum press, built a green intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory, can meet the flexible production under personalized customization.

At the same time, SUMMIT has its own research and development design system, among which, the contemporary ceramic Design and Research Institute focuses on the development and innovation experience mode of product application, which can intensively produce all categories of home decoration materials such as rock board, large board, marble tile, modern antique brick, etc. It is the best modern design and research base in China to meet the needs of various buildings.