Enjoying the Future of Sino-Italian Ceramics
In the evening of September 26 Italian time, the “Enjoying the Future of Sino-Italian Ceramics”-themed Newpearl Enterprise Group Environmental Strategy Signing Ceremony & Thank-you Banquet was held in Lamborghini Museum in Bologna.


Participants in this great event included Newperal chaiman Mr. Ye Delin, executive vice president Mr. Ye Yongkai, middle and senior managers of Newpearl, suppliers of Summit, representatives of dealers, heavyweights like Italian officials and domestic and overseas media.

2017 marks the third consecutive year that SUMMIT has attended the CERSAIE. Because of the consistent support of the Bologna government, both parties have forged a deep friendship. The attendance of local officials added glory to this event.

The establishment of Oversea Innovation Centre strategic cooperative partnership with Esmalglass-Itaca Group, Torrecid Group and Stylgraph Group will enhance the comprehensive and deep cooperation in terms of products, technology, design and marketing, which will definitely help Newpearl to make another step forward and facilitate these business partners’ entry into the Chinese market.  In this way, we are able to achieve an all-win situation, becoming a role model of international innovative cooperation.


The promotion of environmental strategy, the establishment of Oversea Innovation Centre and the opening of Newpearl Contemporary Ceramic Research and Design Institute not only showcases the latest products and technology to the world, but marks a step forward on the journey of internationalization. Newpearl will continue to adopt the policy of environmental production and innovative development. Moreover, we will cooperate with worldwide top enterprises to be the role model of multinational alliance and deep cooperation, making a contribution to boosting the development of global ceramic industry.

Ceramics and red wine may seem unrelated. In fact, they share the same raw material, i.e. good soil. Only experienced technicians with the spirit of seeking excellence can create good ceramics and quality wines. Participants had happy Chinese and Italian cultural communication while sipping mellow wines.

 As an outstanding tile maker, Newpearl keeps impressing the world with its creation that is shown to us in a diversified way. It is believed that, Newpearl, an excellent craftsman of a major country, will not stop its exploration and will succeed in its environmental strategy to provide more environmentally-friendly building materials and ceramics to customers.