Canton Fair|Technology replaces logging to form an urban oasis.

Welcome to Summit 

by Newpearl Ceramics Group


On October 15, the 122th Canton Fair

opened  in  Pazhou  International

Exhibition Center in Guangzhou.

Summit put her products

on display as planned. 

We try to create beauty, while in the eye of nature, 

beauty is already there from the beginning.

Under the theme of “ Urban Oasis ”, the booth design is based on the concept of minimalist with original elements of ecology incorporated, showing the beauty of tranquility from tiles

On the fair, Summit shows “Green Technology” to the world through core elements including wood and forest, which is aimed at expressing the concept of “Urban Oasis, Ecological Home”.It is a common belief that the civilization and advancement of society depended on tapping the natural resources. Unfortunately, the overexploitation of the nature caused a great damage to the ecology. Deforestation, for instance, is one of the human activities that badly destroy the environment. By continuously upgrading and innovating the technology, Summit managed to print the wood grain on the tile surface.  We advocate the environmental concept of “one more wood grain tile, one more tree stays”.  

The canton fair is open from 15 to 19 October.

Customers from all countries are encouraged to visit.

We are at Hall:9.2 

Stand No:E30-34th & F13-17th